Hello, we are 29 Steps. We build software using Ruby.
About 29 Steps

Who are we

29 Steps is freelance software developer offering a full suite of services to build your application from scratch or to grow and refine your existing applications. We are not an agency.

We specialise in using Ruby and Rails. Our Ruby on Rails commercial experience ranges from ecommerce projects; content management systems; business tools; and websites among many others.

We are also strong users and supporters of open source software and contribute back to the community through our own projects, which can be found on our github pages.

Our working methodology at 29 Steps

How we work

We work in a rapid agile environment by developing your software modularly through user stories and features. This allows us to deliver working, tested software at regular intervals.

We focus on delivering your project in a cohesive and iterative manner while maintaining a high standard of programming through test driven development practices such as BDD or TDD.

We believe that less is always more. We do not over engineer and develop beyond your business requirements.

We are able to adapt our schedule to suit your business requirements. We operate in a transparent manner by having regular discussions and updates with you so there are no hidden surprises.

All of our work is developed internally without out being out sourced to third party companies. We are able to work with your existing team or recommend others.

What we do best at 29 Steps

What we do best

We are adept at studying, analyzing and getting to grips with your existing codebase quickly. 

We can help you to maximize your existing budget and reduce risks and turnaround times by identifying the necessary work items which will achieve the maximum returns.

Our diverse technical background and knowledge means that we have experience of various technologies and are able to come up with unique solutions to difficult problems.

Our Team at 29 Steps

Our Team

  • Chee Yeo, founder lead developer at 29 Steps UK

    Chee Yeo

    Founder & Lead Software Engineer

    Chee Yeo graduated with a first class honors in computer science and worked alongside various digital agencies and startups before freelancing as 29 Steps UK. His main expertise is in software development using Ruby and Rails and has over 3 years commercial experience in developing CMS driven websites and bespoke web applications.

    Chee is also prolific in the open source community by contributing to open source software and by writing articles for websites. You can access his open source efforts at his github account. Articles he has contributed to can be found at Rails Magazine and at Ruby Learning.

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